Manushi School of yoga

Manushi school of yoga shows how to use your Brain as a Gate way for achieving, Ever Health,Wealth and Happiness. 

Manushi yoga explores how it can be possible, by combining cutting - edge research and spiritual insights. Explores new discoveries in Neuroscience that maximize the potential of the Human brain in practical and Actionable ways.

Our world-class faculty includes Masters in Yogic Practices, including a Yoga doctorate of philosophy, Doctors and a Raja yogi, who feel privileged to share their knowledge and practice of ancient traditions, while incorporating elements of medical sciences  (Yoga Anatomy and Physiology). This program is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners and  includes such topics as Bhagavad gita, Vedas, Upanishad and Yoga Philosophy.

Our trainings are unique and integrated of approach in field as we have specialists and Experienced teachers hasUnder gone all types of present yoga system like Sivanandha, Svyasa, Astanga, Vinyasa And flow Yoga they Experienced different techniques of Meditation for each subject ensuring that trainees receive a robust education from those who are experts in the subject being taught across all subjects. In addition this well rounded education students are provided with a high level of administrative assistance prior to and after the training has been completed.

Students receive a solid foundation in all aspects of yogic disciplines that prepares them to embark on a career as yoga teachers, upon successful completion of the various objectives.