Highlight unique features of your practicum

This course becomes a wonderful exposure for the students as they get hands-on experience on treating patients with various ailments at one place.

8 weeks Internship at our Yoga Therapy hospital - (Optional) Students can do a 50 days internship at hospital while helping patients with Yoga techniques.

Applying science to yoga immediately to optimize your practice, break through blockages and avoid injuries.

Assisted posture technique and practice.

Metaphysical and physical aspects of assisted postures.

Preparation, benefits, precautions, variations, counter postures, and transitions for one-on-one practice.

Asanas and Pranayama according to Ayurvedic Component body types

Patient interaction for assessment and application of yoga therapy.

Classical text, basic science and applied medical science.

Diet according to the body constitution

Diet according to the diseases

Diet according to the seasons

Concepts of integrating multiple tools in the Process

Integrated approach of Yoga therapy (IAYT) and understanding of disease

Gain necessary assessment skills to develop a professional private client practice.

In-depth analysis of personal case studies to discuss documentation, consultations and working with individuals with complex histories.