From the Cosmic Land of Yoga CHIDAMBARAM

"Chidambaram is a holy place that ensures total salvation to the souls." 

                                                                                                                -Sage vasishta, revered as leader of Rishis had a relative Madyandinar by name. he had a son named Maadyandinar. Sage  advised that the boy should worship the Swayambulinga in Thillai Vanam forests for gaining complete spiritual wisdom.

The unique feature of the temple is the bejeweled image of Nataraja. Lord Shiva is depicted as the Lord of dance radiating universal power.

The story of Chidambaram starts with the legend of Lord Shiva moving to Thillai Vanam (Thillai – tree; Vanam means forest). There were a group of Rishis or sages in this forest believing that they can control the Supreme Power through mantras (chants), rituals and magical spells.

Thillai Nataraja Kovil is being maintained by the endogamous of Shaivite Brahmins called Dikshithars, who also work as priests in the temple.  It is said that these people were brought from Mt. Kailash by Saint Patanjali specifically for performing daily rituals in the temple.













CERN Stands for ‘European Organization for Nuclear Research’, Situated in Geneva. This World largest physics lab can boast of having been run by 2400 full-time employees and 7931 Scientists and engineers representing 608 universities and research facilities and 113 nationalities. The Nobel laureate and co- founder of Quantum physics Werner Heisenberg was also one of the co – founders o this particle research Centre.

But believe or not, this awesome international Science centre house a huge statue of Natraja, the symbolic depiction of Lord Shiva  who performs his cosmic dance to destroy the decrepit universe making way for the Lord Brahma to re- start the new creation. The Statue was a gift presented by the Indian government in 2004.

Strange, how a Hindu God found a place in the “science centre”, a seat of rationalism and reasoning? The atheist may fume at the idea. No strange, the have proclivities to brush aside any religious symbols and rituals as a load of superstitions, - irritant hurdles on the way to progression and liberalism in this free thinking world. But alas, their rational fathers and men of letters and intellect are now thinking hard on the other way around. They are turning towards the “wisdom of India”. Striving to dig deeper into the ancient archives. The Unity and Continuity of Vedanta opened up the new perspective to look at a minutes particle and also the Cosmic web.

In the year 1975 an eminent American physicist Dr Fritiof Capra had come up with the most epoch- making  book entitled ‘The Tao of physics’. Besides his four other International bestsellers, this books had now been published in 23 languages across the world. Dr Capra scientifically connects here the rhythmic pulsation of subatomic particle with the Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. He asserts “every subatomic particle not only performs an energy dance”, a Pulsating process of creation and destruction, without end. For the modern physicists, then Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. As Hindu Mythology, it Is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomena. “He further adds “Modern physics pictures  matter, not as passive and inert, but as continuously dancing and vibrating. This is very much like the Eastern Mystics description of the world. Both emphasize that the universe has to be grasped dynamically. It structures are not static, right ones, but should be seen in terms of dynamic equilibrium.”