“If I want to knock a story off the front page,

I just change my hairstyle.” - Hillary Rodham Clinton

Everyone has hair problems. Thin hair, falling hair, dandruff, dry scalp, split ends – the list can be endless. In this issue, we look at a few problems associated with dry and itchy scalps and the best ways to deal with them. A dry scalp can be extremely irritating and having to live with it can be tough. Dry scalp is usually the result of dormant under-active oil glands, hence the required oils for your scalp are not being produced. Some reasons for this could be:

  • A diet lacking in proper nutrients

  • Prolonged use of shampoos that have strong chemicals

  • Exposure to hard water

  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions

  • Over usage of styling products

  • Lack of adequate hair care – not treating hair properly, lack of conditioning or oil treatments, etc


The Following Steps Can Give You Some Relief.


  • Switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Many reputed brands offer products that provide adequate hydration, and you can even try a leave in conditioner incase of extreme dryness

  • Stay away from styling products for a little while to give your hair a break and a chance to recover hydration

  • Protect your hair from the sun when you go out. Cover it up with a scarf or even a trendy hat!

  • Make sure your diet includes nuts, eggs, seafood, chicken, tofu, dairy products, soybeans, papaya, oranges and green and leafy vegetables. This will make sure that you get your dose of zinc, iron, vitamins and omega-3 acids – all essential for a healthy scalp.

  • Of course, do not forget to drink lots of water.

  • These are alterations you could make in your lifestyle to promote a well hydrated scalp. There are plenty of DIY packs and nourishing masks you can make using ingredients in your kitchen and we are happy to share a few for our readers.


Hot Oil Massage


The simplest treatment is application of oil before washing hair. Coconut oil is easily available everywhere. Warm some oil and gently massage it into your scalp for a few mintues. This will relieve itchiness and flakiness and provide sufficient hydration. Olive oil is another option. You could also combine your hot oil with some lemon grass, sandalwood or lavender essential oils. These oils work especially well if you have oily hair combined with a dry scalp.


Egg and Yoghurt Combo


Eggs are a font of proteins and yoghurt is a natural moisturizer. Beat up an egg and add about four teaspoons of Yoghurt. To this mixture, add a teaspoon of almond oil and two teaspoons of honey. Apply this pack to your hair and scalp on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


Lemon juice and Olive Oil Combo


A hair mask made of lemon juice and olive oil can be used every other week. The acidity in the lemon loosens and removes the loose, dry itchy flakes on your scalp and olive oil moisturizes the newly exposed skin. Applying lemon juice directly to your scalp may be irritating, that is why we recommend adding olive oil and diluting the mixture with about 2 tablespoons of water.


Egg White and Water Combo


This is a simpler version of the egg and yoghurt combo, especially if you do not like the smell of egg yolk in your hair. Add three tablespoons of water to the white of one egg and mix well. Apply to your hair and wait for 30 minutes before washing. Not only will this hydrate your hair it also adds an instant shine.


Honey and Vegetable Oil Combo


Make a mixture consisting of two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are simply any oils that have been extracted from plants, so you can use commonly available oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil or ground nut oil. This mixture forms a sticky paste, which you should apply on your hair and leave on for fifteen minutes. Cover your hair with a shampoo cap for some protection. Wash off for smooth and soft hair.


Avocado and Banana Combo


Avocado is an amazing fruit that seals in the natural moisture of your hair and balances the normal water content of the hair. Banana plays an important role by increasing the elasticity of your hair strands and making them softer. This mask can be made with one ripe banana and 2 ripe avocados. Blend them to a pulp and apply on your hair. Wash off after 20 minutes for soft hydrated hair.

These packs and masks can be tried every other week for best results. Some of these hair remedies are sure to be the perfect solution for your hair. Do give it a try and share your experience with us in the comments!