Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.

Many people who want to achieve success in life, career or business fail to do it because they don't know what it takes to be successful and how the road to success looks like. They just see the final result, which is the successful person, without having any idea about what this person went through.

By knowing the inspirational stories of successful people you will learn how the road to success looks like and your chance of succeeding in life will become much higher.

Inspirational stories of successful and famous people

Below are short and quick inspirational stories of some of the most successful people that can help you know a lot about the approach required to reach success.

Swami Vivekananda’s  Reading  Mode :




















Librarian carefully observed that while reading a book Swami just used to turn over the pages of it, very quickly, from beginning to end— and that was his reading, he finished reading the entire book. He was able  to answer correctly any question from 10 volumes Encyclopædia Britannica,several times he even quoted exact words used in the book.


Stephen king's Inspirational Success Story:
















Most people know Stephen king the famous writer but few know about his life story. Stephen's first novel was rejected almost everywhere it was submitted to the extent that he threw it in the garbage!! His wife got the story out of the garbage and insisted that he submits it again and in the end he became the Stephen king we know now!! There is a very important lesson you must come up with from this inspirational success story which is that rejections should make no sense at all if you believe in yourself

Bill Gates Success Story:



















Bill gates the founder of Microsoft is one of the most inspirational business leaders living these days but do you know that his idea of creating a computer that has a graphical interface and a mouse was rejected when he first submitted it to another company? some people even say that the papers of the project were thrown in his face!! Now he became bill gates!!

Thomas Edison Motivational Success Story:



















Thomas Alva Edison success story is one of the stories that can motivate anyone after experiencing failure. Thomas failed about 999 times to invent the lamp before he succeed in doing it on the 1000th attempt. When people asked him how did you manage to keep going even though you were failing all the time he replied telling them, each time it didn't work i used to say i discovered a new way how to not invent the lamp. Thomas Edison success story should make you conclude that failure should never stop you even if it occurred more than once.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born to Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma on October 15, 1931. He came from a family whose financial conditions weren’t sound enough. As a means to support his family’s meagre income, Kalam took up odd jobs in his childhood but never gave up  his education. An Indian scientist and administrator, Kalam served as the 11th President of India from 2002 until 2007. One amongst the most respected people of the country, Kalam has contributed immensely both as a scientist and as a president. His contribution at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been immense. He was responsible for numerous projects such as Project Devil and Project Valiant and launch of the Rohini-1, besides developing missiles under the missions Agni and Prithvi. For the same, he has been popularly tagged as the “Missile Man of India”. Today dynamic change is needed in thinking from "What can I take?" to the spirit of "What Can I Give

Asanas evolved over time into the system we know as hatha yoga, as a more comprehensive system was felt to be needed not only to keep the body and energy in better condition but as a physical and vital doorway to the discovery of yoga or the unity of things.

Yoga is more concerned with 'being' and not satisfied by merely doing. All doing must enable discovery and transformation of being. Being aware of the activity of the mind is itself disentanglement from thought.

In the practice of yoga asanas, we have an opportunity to discover that it is possible to do something with full awareness and without the interference of thought. This is not to say that asanas are some kind of physical activity that do not require thinking, but to suggest that the inner intelligence is perfectly capable of acting—doing the asana intelligently.

Radioactivity and radiation existed long before the evolution of the life on the earth, excessive radiation exposure is, no doubt, harmful and can cause genetic disorder, which may even be fatal. Further the flow of free radical production is conventionally attributed to too much urbanization, pollution and junk food. Apart from radioactive exposure and oxygen free radicals, many wrong habits and irregularity in lifestyles may lead to poor state of may lead to poor state of fitness and ultimately results in various health hazards. Therefore, there is a need to develop systematic strategy to educate the common people and making them conscious to prevent their fitness and health.

Rationale of Yoga for Promotion of Health, Fitness and Values Yoga is of great relevance to mind-body medicine because of the way it looks at life. The yogic view of life is the best prescription even written for lasting peace and joy, which are independent of external events and circumstances.

Emotion is a Rajas guna of Prakriti, which is responsible for many types of disease. Psychophysiologically, emotions act upon our body through hypothalamus which controls ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and the endocrine systems. Negative emotions like anger, fear, greed, jealousy give rise to somatic illness where on the other hand positive emotions like love, compassion, friendship, affection etc. give the strength to combat the stress. Illness due to negative emotions includes hyper acidity, hypertension, insomnia, menstrual disturbances, loss of appetite etc.

Yoga plays a vital role as the ancient Indian healing art. Classical Yoga is a science of human psychology. It works on three-facet viz. mental, physical & social states resulting in improved health, lesser greed for possession & efficient management of human life. Ageing changes are of physical, psycho-physiological and biochemical nature. In ageing all aerobic organisms are exposed to oxidative stress and gradually the functioning abilities of almost all organs are reduced. This in fact leads to reduce one's immunity power and as a result overall health related fitness declines. In old age since body does not permit for vigorous activities, one can think of yoga a healthy lifestyle. The claims of traditional Yoga texts and supportive research evidences indicate that Yoga is a powerful way of life not only to improve one's health related fitness but also show path to live healthy in delaying old age.

Through asana practice, you directly see the intelligence within, which is beyond the ego, at work. This intelligence is not burdened with your hopes, ambition and preference and you see that all of this is added on by the ego and that there is now a separation between the inner intelligence and the ego. The inner intelligence deals with what actually is here, the asana you are doing. The ego deals with what it would like, prefer or what it hopes for that is, thought.

The inner intelligence does not respond to thought as it is the ego's creation and sustained by it. The ego dwells and flourishes in its own abyss or in waves of thought. You quickly learn that by following the inner intelligence, you discover just how long you can stay in the asana and when you can extend further. There is no struggle at all. Struggle is experienced when you 'try' to do it with all your skill, even though the asana seems difficult.

The practice of asanas is not about the difficulty of the asana but about difficulty period. Difficulty is the resistance felt by the interference of the ego with the reality of what actually is or the situation right now.



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