Long live Sivas name (NA MA CI VA )

Long live the Lords Feet Long live his feet that is in my memory for ever

Long live the KOKAZHI Rulers feet of gem

Long live the sweet feet expounded by Saiva Scriptures

Long live the feet of the one and the many Lord. 

G.U.Pope's English Translation of Thiruvasagam


Manickavasagar took his birth in Tiruvadavur seven miles from Madurai on the banks of Vaigai river. He must have lived between 650 and 692     A.D. Some say that he flourished in the tenth or eleventh century. He secured the friendship of the king of Madurai, Arimardana Pandyan, and became his chief minister. He was also known by the name Vadavurar.


Manikavasagar Meeting the Guru


The king heard that high quality horses were on sale in the coast of the Choza kingdom. He sent the chief minister, Thiruvadhavurar, with lots of money to buy them. On the way Vadhvurar reached thirup perunthurai (Avudaiyar Kovil). There he heard from a garden the sweet chantings, “Hara Hara”. His seeking mind was overwhelmed at the sight of the guru he was yearning for. He surrendered himself to the Holy guru's feet and pleaded with him to accept him as a disciple. The God who comes voluntarily in the way of devotees to bless them enlightened him with Shivenyanam.


Endurance of Manivasagar in trusting God


The Lord probably wanted to show that patience and perseverance his pare the way to reach feet.The    horses did not arrive till in the day of  Avani Mulam. The God Somasundara Murthi who rides the bull of justice in His playful act turned the foxes in the forest horses, He came in the form of the lead man of the horses and handed over them to the king explaining to him the identification guidelines of good horses ! The Lord went off. The same night the horses again became foxes and ran all over the capital. The king did not know anything until manikkavasagar described his experience.


Manikkavasagar Becoming Shivam


Next day the priests of Thillai were surprised to find the scripture on the steps of the abode with the Lord's signature. They rushed to Manikka Vachakar and appraised him about it. They saluted and asked him to explain to them the philosophical explanation of the compositions. He took them to the golden hall abode of the Lord and showed the blissfully Dancing Lord and said He is the meaning of it and immersed himself in the Supreme Luminance and became One in Lord Shiva.